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holy fuck, what a cool game, even more for being 2.5D!

does anyone know what the *spoiler* is saying towards the end? the one with the quotation marks, periods, and dashes?

any help would be awesome~!

The music was a bit too loud in some parts, but otherwise I enjoyed this game a lot. The controls were simple and the story was interesting. 

This was a really cool game.

So much of it really struck a chord with me! I'm a huge fan of cosmic horrors, as well as pocket dimensions where people can become trapped (especially with terrifying creatures that appear out of nowhere)

The visuals and sound design were also seriously awesome.

Zero Visibility was a fantastic experience!

Actually AMAZING, played it for twitch for random itchio horror games and it was easily the best one in the session by far

I love Boyd, he is my boi

i love it!!!! Nice Game!

This game was incredible! Story and all i was totally invested. 10/10!!

What a great indie short horror :)

This game has such a good narrative. Nicely done!

Very nice game make sprite animations and run animations if you can 

I loved this game so much. The story was so good and the ending was so cool! 

Such a good Lovecraftian horror game. 

I'm Sorry But I Admit It, I Didn't Expect Much

But the game surprised me


That was fun... 

But to sum it all up in one word... 


Enjoyed playing it, reminded me of one of my games "Ellen"

Blog post


great game, my playthrough :) xx

Wow that was extremely messed up. Reminds me of this horror movie The Endless. A slowly unfolding anxiety attack. This game does a really interesting but subtle thing in terms of player agency and plot that I guess I don't want to spoil? tl;dr: thumbs up, worth the thirty minutes

incredible game, thank you for making it 

Loved the cosmic horror you introduced us in this game. Really a great narrative experience, with a devastating ending

This was a nice little game! I liked the Silent Hill vibes! It was very linear but it had a nice little story with it and I like the devs tried to build story to make things make sense.

This was a great experience! I didn't expect the jumps and the scares were perfect! It was a tense atmosphere all the way through. Keep making more!

Game was really good,it was well developed .loved it

WOW!! What a masterpiece! Can't say how much I absolutely enjoyed this game, and how unique it was to me! It was the last game I checked out in this video- and man, it might be the best!

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and highly recommend everyone play it. I can't wait to see more from this dev!!

Loved the visuals, especially those associated with the "creatures."   I also liked the "notes," the differentiated humans and the way the ending played out!

Quite enjoyed this one! Great pixel visuals and atmosphere.

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Pros: you can drive backwards during the intro

Cons: you can get stuck between the car and a railing during the intro

This game is probably good and IGN gives it a 10/10

Edit: nvrmnd I got unstuck

But seriously this game knows how to create a good atmosphere and deserves a playthrough.

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I really enjoyed this game though... we should have had an option to walk away at the end

What a fantastic game!

I loved it from start to finish. The narrative was really strong, a perfect example why gameplay doesn't need to be complicated. You focused on the right things.

Check out my video 🙂


imagine youre on a roadtrip and anytime anyone in the car says anything the driver hits the brakes and stops, only continuing to drive when its silent lol

I love this game, it really puts the best atmosphere into it


Cool game! Absolutely loved the environments and lighting. 

I feel like it was held back by the characters a little though, I didn't really have time to get attached to them so it was hard to get invested in their safety.  The first half or so would have benefitted from showing that we can't just turn around too. It's also just a little over written, there are some sections, like the bridge you see with Boyd near the end, that would be better off if the game just let the environment speak for itself rather than the characters commenting on it.

I'm a little mixed on the pixel art, I think the characters are very close to fitting into the style and might just need a little animation, but I had a hard time finding the monsters scary, and it's a little over-reliant on stick figures.

With all that said though, there's a lot of stuff I loved about this game. The environments are gorgeous and atmospheric, there were a few times where I'd come across an area and just stop to take it in. The sound design is very strong which makes a visceral section towards the end that could have been a flop amazing. The music adds a lot to the atmosphere too.

I think the slow reveal of the mystery works really well despite what I said earlier, and there's a really clever trick on the end of a note towards the end that really got me.

Overall, while it's got some flaws, the game has some really great stuff to offer, and I'm really excited to see what you do next. Sorry for the long comment, but I hope there's some useful feedback in there!

im uploading the vid now....should be ready in the next  hour!! what a great story. it also gave me a chance to practice my amatuer  VA lol gg bro


That is hands down the best Lovecraftian Elder God/Cosmic Entity,  I have seen in the last 20 years.  I want to know more about it!  

easily one of my top three fav games on, i swear. the dialogue between characters and the characters themselves were not only realistic, but phenomenal in general. i've never felt so much emotion from playing an indie horror game of this length. i almost wish i could replay this game with a fresh mind, it's that good :))

I will be playing this live 12/12 around 630-7 PM EST =)


Such a great game:) 

I really liked this game.  Great sound, great atmosphere ... a short horror story that draws you in.  

This game was so immersive and satisfying, it may as well be one of my favorites for this year. Good job with the unsettling story to the sick beat at tense moments. I even started my video with a small trailer because it was like a movie. Good job devs and good luck with your future projects and current ones.

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