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This game is totally AWESOME! Loved everything about it! 

mano gostei  prazer conheçe sou leonardo desouza carlos conheçido leo  q bom to nesse game

This was so well done! The story, the style, the look of everything, it was all great! I love cosmic horror, and this really scratched the itch I'd been having lately! Fantastic job!

Отличная игра, небольшой симулятор ходьбы оставляющий гнетущее приятное впечатление. Удивительно, что для хорошей пугающей истории не нужна супер графика. Правильный нарратив, а воображение само дорисует. Десять Лавкрафтов из десяти.

really enjoyed this, its rare that you find a great story driven horror and a well explained one at that, this done a great job at that, the visuals for a psx were fantastic aswel, the atmosphere was on point, and the dialog was well done, i dont think i came across a single mistake, and given the amount of text in this game thats pretty amazing in itself, if i had to critique anything it would be the sensitiviy on the mouse was abit much but considering you have recommended using a controller that isnt so bad, all in all fantastic game!

In this game the atmosphere and art design is excellent but the characters are so slow and the dialogues are so much but i loved the game and stroy tahnk you for this game!

I just gotta say that I really loved the art in this game. Everything was just done so well, and the ending was chillingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this game!

I played this on my YouTube, so if you're interested in checking it out in another tab, click this link!

Fun game and great story!

Really good story and not a short one either.

Gotta say Zero Visibility is a HELLA of a ride! Highly recommend you play this game yourself and explore the cold creepy mountain.

Really enjoyed the game! 


That was an amazing cosmic horror experience! Great use of visual restrictions and suspense. If you enjoy being reminded you are at the bottom of the universal food chain then you won't be disappointed. after playing this!

My greatest adventure ever.

This was great! I had a lot of fun trying to piece together what was happening. I can't say I know if I'm right or not, but it seems that a lot is left to interpretation. There are those documents in the archive at the end but they only created more questions for me haha. 

The characters were cool but Sarah has a pretty jarring and significant change in character from the beginning up until the point with the first rickety bridge. Makes me wonder if she was already under the 'spell' of reaching the peak or if she is more ambitious/outgoing than her character leads us to believe in the beginning?

Thanks for making games!

Nice story and art style

I really enjoyed the story of the game, would love to see more.


The game has an interesting story and It was fun trying to piece the full story together. I would tone down the music volume a bit though. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Hey @clearlynotluke Is this GameJolt account legit or is this another faker stealing games from developers?

Hi, yeah that's not me. Thanks for the heads up !

No problem, we've been getting a huge influx of these fake accounts recently on gamejolt and its getting really annoying.


Lore that just makes me want more! Fantastic job!

Awesome game! very enjoyable story! 


Zero Visibility is a great short horror experience! I love the pixel art in a 3-D dimension! It's the first kind of game I've played out side of 2-D and I loved it! There's a lot of mystery around everything, but I enjoy those kinds of stories. Makes me think more about what actually went on! It worked flawlessly for me and I experienced no bugs at all! I would definitely recommend everyone to give this game a try!

story , models, sounds so good,

GREAT game! I like everything about it. A piece of art!

This was a really awesome Lovecraftian short horror game! ETA like 25mins? Overall great experience and would love to play more! 9/10.

Is there specific name for this kind of simplified graphic? All these looks so cute!

Wow i really liked your game, the whole story, the ending, the drawings that explains it. Good job!


A great concept executed very well in a great game. Story was fun to read through and characters fit into the game well. Maybe just a bit too much reading in certain sections, but still absolutely worth playing.


Great game. The plot alone was amazing.


I loved this game! The story was so good! Felt like I was watching a short movie! Great Job!

Really good game. Loved the twist at the end. Keep it up.

Watch video here:

beautiful visuals and ambience!

Made a video

Amazing Game,i love that its so smooth and the creature really got me every time.

Such a fantastic game. Incredible style, and a super good story.

That was amazing. Love it

this was such an unreasonably good game. i love the lore. i love the implications. really drives in a sense of hopelessness in the face of it, for both sides. good job!

Fantastic game - makes you believe in god. 5/5 spooky skulls

brillant game

Great game, I liked it a lot, very good story and details!

Thanks for playing!

love it thank you 

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

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